Who knows why the Obama administration has been so secretive about the solar power system that’s going up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. An anonymous White House source put out the information a couple of weeks ago, and few details -- such as the manufacturer or the scope of the system -- have been forthcoming. But at least we can now verify, in the only way that really counts these days, that it is really happening.

Yes, we have pictures.

Actually, they’re snips from a breezy-bordering-on-fluffy weekly video the White House puts out called “West Wing Week.” Last week, amid the presidential appearances and footage of the first family’s new dog, Sunny, frolicking with Bo, came the only views of the solar construction that we could find. Click on the image below to go through the little slideshow. It’s just dudes working, but it’s still good to see them working on putting solar on the White House.


Editor's note: This article is reposted in its original form from EarthTechling. Author credit goes to Pete Danko.