Welcome to week three of GTM's Energy News Quiz. I'm your host, Bob Barker Mike Munsell.

Take the quiz below. If any questions leave you puzzled, we've provided explainer links at the bottom.

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1. Which of the following energy companies was announced as an investor in Greensmith this week?

2. According to the U.S. Energy Storage Monitor, how much storage was deployed in the U.S. in Q2?

3. JA Solar just announced plans to begin construction of a solar cell facility in this country.

4. Which company did Coachella Energy Storage partner with for its $38M IID contract?

5. Nest just unveiled a new thermostat. Which generation thermostat is this for the Google-owned firm?

6. Utility-scale solar is generating how much more energy today than it was a decade ago?

7. A report says reaching the CPP emissions goals will be "extremely difficult if not impossible" if...

8. "I certainly see solar growing, even without subsidy" -- Who said it?


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