Here at GTM Research, we publish a number of reports throughout the year that analyze smart grid markets and technologies globally. As a follow-up to our recently published report, The Soft Grid 2013-2020: Big Data & Utility Analytics for Smart Grid, our analyst team has pulled together an addendum for our research subscribers with the latest on the global utility analytics market. The addendum now comes with all purchases of The Soft Grid 2013-2020 report.

Along with updating our market forecasts and providing incisive competitive analysis, one of the key questions we attempted to resolve in this addendum is where exactly utility analytics are today and where we see them headed in the future. While the figure below pinpoints the market's position (plus or minus one pixel) on the lower slopes of the market's potential growth curve, our analyst team sees bigger things ahead for the market.

TIME IS DATA: Smart Grid Analytics Growth Curve

We see the following key drivers as spurring growth in the coming years.

Operational Efficiencies

  • Costs savings through lower O&M costs, proactive/predictive asset management, and revenue recovery

Regulatory Uncertainty

  • Regulators are increasingly shifting from cost-of-service ratemaking to performance-based ratemaking (PBR).
  • Utilities must be able to benchmark efficiency and productivity gains under PBR.

Shifting Utility Business Models

  • Performance and revenue are dependent upon more than just volumetric sales of megawatt-hours.
  • Better quality of service is dependent upon richer customer segmentation that enables new rate structures, particularly in fully deregulated markets with retail choice.

New Sensors, Data Sources and Computing Power

  • The combination of new sensors and cheap data storage has led to archiving of several terabytes of “dark data” capable of being leveraged to provide new benefits.

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