Welcome to week two of GTM's Energy News Quiz. I'm your host, Alex Trebek Mike Munsell.

Take the quiz below. If any questions leave you puzzled, we've provided explainer links at the bottom.

How'd you do? Feel free to brag (or shame yourself) in the comments section.


1. Which of these elements is NOT part of President Obama's recently announced clean energy plan?

2. AGL Resources was just acquired for $8 billion by which firm?

3. Speaking of acquisitions, which firm just acquired Seeo's Solid-Electrolyte EV-Battery Technology?

4. Name the most recent addition to Eric Wesoff's list of now-defunct CIGS thin film manufacturers.

5. Authorities in this country have pre-approved 11 GW of PV projects for an upcoming reserve auction.

6. Regulators blocked Exelon's $6.8 billion takeover of which utility?

7. Nevada's PUC voted to extend the state's net metering policy until when?

8. According to GTM Research, what's the current operational capacity of the U.S. microgrid market?


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