China, the world's biggest carbon emitter, is making a promise to get to zero emissions 40 years from now. Is it a breakthrough? Or is it a plan to keep burning coal? We’ll hash it out. 

Then, the governor of California wants to stop selling any new cars that run on gasoline in 15 years' time. It’s ambitious, but can it be done? Is it legal? What will that take?

And last, there has been a flurry of serious commitments made by top American brands, including Walmart, Google and Apple.  Each of them is very challenging for a different reason, but also groundbreaking. We’ll dig in.


  • The Guardian: China Pledges to Become Carbon-Neutral Before 2060 
  • Bloomberg: China’s Top Climate Scientists Map Out Path to 2060 Goal
  • L.A. Times: Newsom Orders 2035 Phaseout of Gas-Powered Vehicles
  • Axios: Walmart Aims for Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2040
  • GTM: Google Pledges 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy by 2030

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