If you’re joining us today, you’re undoubtedly noticing many new updates here at GTM. We’re excited today to launch an entire new look and feel for all of our web properties, including responsive web design for a better mobile user experience. We embarked on this journey nearly a year ago with several high-level goals in mind:

  • Design a modern, clean look to enable a better user experience for the reader
  • Develop a responsive website for optimized interaction with GTM on all types of mobile devices
  • Update the navigation to a) better align with our evolving coverage, b) make it easier for users to find the content of their interest, and c) create clear and easy paths to access our other properties such as events, GTM Research and the newly launched GTM Squared
  • Provide our growing audience with a cost-effective premium service to go beyond our free daily news service but not as deep as our higher-priced GTM Research subscription services (GTM Squared, more information below)
  • Introduce new article template styles for special editorial features
  • Establish clear and easy access to industry resources including white papers and webinars
  • Improve our multimedia service offerings such as video and podcasts
  • Modernize the events pages that align with our industry-leading conference series
  • Overhaul GTM Research from top to bottom, from look-and-feel to product categorization to online/offline purchasing optimization and back-end account access

The newest service we’re unveiling today is GTM Squared. This is our offering to allow our most interested and engaged readers to dive deeper than our traditional editorial content allows. It leverages content from all aspects of GTM’s business (news, research, events) and affords subscribers a more behind-the-scenes view of this industry in transition.

From time to time you will see a headline on our homepage or in our email newsletter that is designated as a piece of GTM Squared content. Although this content is exclusively available to GTM Squared subscribers, rest assured that the quality and frequency of our free editorial content will remain unchanged. For more information about what a GTM Squared subscriber can receive, please visit GTM Squared.

The global electricity sector is in the early stages of its most dramatic transformation in more than a century. The rapid expansion of distributed energy, combined with the newfound availability of data and analytics for utilities, will reshape how the world generates, distributes and consumes power. With today’s launch, GTM is excited to continue in its position as the leading information services provider for this next-generation electricity system.

Finally, as with any major new release, there are bound to be minor bugs and/or issues with our new site as we launch. Please be patient as we continue to address these issues in the hours and days immediately following today’s update.

Welcome to the new face of Greentech Media, GTM Research and the newly launched GTM Squared. We’re happy to have all of you along with us as we collectively work to reshape an energy industry in transition.