Dr. Jerome Block won't kid you. He doesn't need 10 kilowatts of solar power to run his house.

But the large solar installation, along with the 20,000 gallon system for capturing rainwater that will water his vegetable garden serves a purpose: to show that U.S. consumers and the country as a whole can wean itself off foreign oil.

Many are risking their lives in the Middle East because of oil imports, the California resident told us. At a minimum, people at home can help out.

"We all want to be patriots, but we all can't be Navy Seals," he said. "We can all save rainwater or reduce energy consumption."

The house is a work in progress, and attracting interest from other nearby residents. Besides the water and solar systems, he has installed energy efficient lights and owns a biodiesel truck. A locavore garden and a pool heater are next. Check out the video here.