According to an SEC filing, Coolerado -- a Denver-based maker of energy-efficient air conditioning systems for residential and commercial sites, closed a $7.2 million round led by NewWorld Capital Group with Spring Mountain Capital.  Coolerado claims their design can save users up to 90 percent in air conditioning electricity costs.  The firm has been looking for VC funding for a considerable time.  See what Vinod Khosla has to say about super-efficient air conditioning hereIce Energy agrees.

Nexant of San Francisco, CA, a developer of electric utility grid software, closed its $50 million funding round with an investment from Symphony Technology Group (STG), joining Oak Investment Partners, Intel Capital, TeleSoft and Beacon.
Practically Green of Boston, MA, a provider of eco-friendly recommendations, received $750,000 in seed funding from CommonAngels. The company focuses on helping consumers decide which energy-efficient appliances to buy, what organic food to prepare, or which green landscaping service to use.

WrightSpeed, the electric sports car company founded by Ian Wright (listed as one of the five Tesla founders in the sometimes revisionist history approved by Tesla), has raised $5 million dollars from an unnamed investor to help develop a range-extender for trucks and sports cars. 

Progeny Solar of Marlborough, MA, aspiring to make solar panels for the Europen market, received  $505,000 in funding from undisclosed investors, according to an SEC filing.

Carbonflow of San Francisco, CA closed a $4.2 million round B led by OVP Venture Partners with @Ventures and Clean Pacific Ventures.  Carbonflow provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) for carbon reduction market participants.  

UK fuel cell company ITM Power received $175,000 from the UK's Carbon Trust to develop membrane materials for automotive fuel cells as well as technology based around water hydrolysis.

dPoint Technologies received 2.6 million from GreenAngel for their energy recovery ventilator cores and fuel cell humidifiers.

Swedish greentech company Reac Fuel  won $4.5 million in funding from BP, VantagePoint and Sustainable Technologies Fund.  Reac's process converts lignocellulosic biomass to sugars, chemicals and liquid fuels.