While the country is distracted by infection rates, deaths and protests, what else have we been missing?

This week on The Energy Gang, we peek out from behind the quarantine curtain to see what the Trump administration has been up to on the energy front. 

The Trump administration has declared a national emergency over cyberthreats to the power grid. Equipment vendors “where a foreign adversary has an interest” will be banned. Most transformers are built in China. Will this create uncertainty or slow grid work?

The executive branch has been busy with environmental rollbacks. The Trump administration wants to loosen as much environmental regulation as possible in the six months before the election. We look at the list.

Then, we answer your questions. We sourced nearly 200 questions from our recent live show and we’re going to tackle some of them.

They include Michael Moore’s bad-faith trashing of clean energy and the environmental movement; one group’s attempt to kill solar net metering nationwide; and how the current economic mess is impacting cities and corporates.

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