EurActive: EU Utilities Trapped in 'Coal Death Spiral'

The share values of Europe’s biggest utilities have plummeted after the energy companies backed outdated business models that rely on coal, a report published today (5 June) has claimed.

The five largest publicly listed utilities in the EU collectively lost 100 billion euros or more than a third (37%) of their stock market value from 2008 to 2013, the Carbon Tracker Initiative said.

Germany’s E.ON and RWE, France’s GDF Suez, Électricité de France, and Italy’s Enel are named in the analysis, which found heavily coal-reliant utilities fared worse.

Fortune: What One Startup CEO Learned From Handling Apple's HomeKit Mess

While Apple may claim that its HomeKit support isn’t delayed, it’s becoming obvious that the company has faced some challenges in building an Apple-like experience around home automation that has caught its hardware partners off-guard.

For a sense of those challenges, Fortune interviewed Stuart Lombard, the co-CEO of ecobee, a connected thermostat company that has been selling the devices since 2007, and announced a HomeKit-certified thermostat last week.

Christian Science Monitor: Not All Car Dealers Hate Tesla's Direct Sales

Several large car-dealer groups are "quietly supporting" Tesla, according to MarketWatch.

That claim comes from a note published by Morgan Stanley, in which analysts said certain dealers "would be delighted with deregulation."

The dealers -- not named in the note -- apparently think relaxing laws that force carmakers to sell only through independent franchised stores would be good for their business.

Reuters: China's Greenhouse Gases Could Peak Early

China's greenhouse gas emissions could peak by 2025, five years earlier than indicated by Beijing, a development that could help limit the mounting risks of global warming, a study by the London School of Economics showed on Monday.

The report, more optimistic about curbing the use of fossil fuels than a Chinese industry forecast on Monday, noted that China's "coal consumption fell in 2014, and fell further in the first quarter of 2015."

Pacific Business News: Hawaii Drops Out of Top 10 in Solar Installations, Report Says

Hawaii has dropped out of the top 10 in the nation when it comes to solar photovoltaic installations, according to a new report.

However, the Aloha State managed to rank seventh in the United States in terms of cumulative solar energy installations, according to the first-quarter report by the Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research.

Hawaii, which ranked ninth overall in the first quarter of 2014, dropped two spots to 11th in the first quarter of this year.