GTM Research and Howard Scott (author of The Scott Report) today launch The U.S. Utility Handbook 2012: A Complete Reference of Electric, Gas and Water Utilities, a new part of The GTM Scott AMI Market Tracker. The Market Tracker is a subscription service providing readers with strategic data and analysis on AMI and utility smart grid markets in North America, and helping them to understand the competitive advanced metering landscape and grid implications of today’s widespread AMI deployment for utilities and vendors.

At 150 pages, the new handbook is an annual reference guide produced to address the utility market's need for a comprehensive resource encompassing the strategic operating data for all of the electric, gas and water utilities in the U.S. The report includes:

  • Top 25 utility rankings
  • Annual demand by type of utility
  • Number of customers served by each utility
  • Sales and revenue by utility
  • Sales and revenue by end-use sector
  • Parent companies for each utility
  • Locations and geographic areas served
  • Utility-specific contact information

Due to the rapidly changing nature of the smart grid market, the data provided in the handbook is essential to strategic decision-making. “It’s comprehensive, easily accessible, and spans all utility sectors, addressing potential business opportunities for smart metering and other smart grid applications,” says Zach Pollock, the report’s analyst. “As larger utilities complete the initial wave of smart grid projects in the U.S., the market will become more fragmented, with less transparency into remaining opportunities.”

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FIGURE: Report Utility Demographics

SourceThe U.S. Utility Handbook 2012

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