Teijin Ltd  has created a concept car out of advanced materials from its own factories that weighs under 500 kilograms.

The concept car, which the company calls the "PU_PA EV," exists to get people to think about what cars might be like in five to ten years. The PU-PA could be made as a hybrid electric vehicle (HEVs) or an electric vehicle. It is being exhibited at Teijin Mirai Studio, the company's exhibition hall.

Weight and design are arguably the third fuel. By reducing weight and increasing aerodynamics, electric and biofuel cars, or even gas-burning cars, can cover more miles on less energy than conventional cars. Both Bright Automotive and Aptera in the U.S. are emphasizing design and materials (i.e., composites instead of metal) as key elements of their cars.

The PU_PA EV has a body made with Teijin's materials. The motor and batteries, as well as the parts for the driving and steering systems, were purchased from other companies. The vehicle can actually be driven.

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