In a few weeks, the GTM research and editorial teams are headed to San Francisco for the third annual U.S. Energy Storage Summit.

As usual, we'll have data-driven conversations and presentations that cover the top storylines in the industry.

A lot happened since the last event. Here's what we'll be following:

  • Utilities are claiming center stage in nontraditional markets, with storage-based integrated resource plans emerging in Arizona, New Mexico, Virginia and Washington over the last several months. Are long-term plans with energy storage now the norm?
  • State mandates on energy storage continue to move forward. Massachusetts recently set a target of 200 megawatt-hours by 2020. New York and Nevada could soon follow suit. What states are next on the storage mandate horizon? What mechanism is best suited to building out a storage market?
  • M&A activity has surged over the last 11 months. Enel acquired Demand Energy, Wartsila acquired Greensmith, and Aggreko acquired Younicos. How do these acquisitions shape energy storage business models? What other companies are acquisition targets?
  • The Aliso Canyon procurements, a major story at the last Storage Summit, are all on-line and operating. Did these systems achieve their goals? What can other ISOs, RTOs, utilities and developers learn from this success story?
  • The new version of California's Self-Generation Incentive Program opened in May 2017. The program has strongly shaped the market in the past, and this new iteration got positive feedback from storage market players. How will the SGIP continue to shape the market? What can other states learn when building their own incentive programs? And what will happen with SB 700, the bill that seeks to establish a successor incentive for California? 

We’ve got a lot to cover. Our research team will join forces with an all-star roster of industry experts to help you understand the budding U.S. energy storage market.

We're bringing together top utilities, financiers, regulators, technology innovators and storage practitioners for two full days of data-intensive presentations and analyst-led panel sessions. Plus, we’ll have extensive, high-level networking. Don't miss out.

Check out the event site and register today to join us in San Francisco December 12-13.