The case against fossil fuels is simple. Oil, coal and gas have been an extraordinary gift of nature that allowed modern society to flourish. But now, because of extreme climate risk and the competitiveness of renewable energy, we can (and must) leave those resources in the ground.

But Alex Epstein believes that argument is too simplistic.

In his new book, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, Epstein argues that fossil fuels are unfairly demonized. Pointing to positive trends in economic growth, pollution control and climate deaths -- helped by energy abundance -- Epstein says that fossil fuels should be celebrated, not disparaged.

This week, we’ll interview Epstein and discuss the merits of his arguments. 

Then, later in the show, we’ll ask whether ratepayers should be funding PG&E’s new electric-vehicle charging project, and check in with the ARPA-E Innovation Summit.

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