With America now a climate pariah on the global stage, cities around the country are stepping up their commitments to action. But are they just cheerleading, rather than actually leading?

This week, guest Sam Brooks tells the hard truth about why cities are not living up to their bold pronouncements -- not yet, anyway.

Brooks is the former director of the District of Columbia's sustainability division. He recently penned a piece for GTM on why cities are not leading on climate in the way they claim. We'll talk to him about the data behind his argument and his experience working in city government: "There's no data."

Then, we'll discuss a couple of big business moves. NRG is selling off its renewable energy assets as part of a major restructuring plan. We’ll tell you why.

And AES creates a joint venture with Siemens to scale up utility-scale storage. We’ll take a look at the global storage arms race.


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