Southern New England is hungry for more clean energy, and states like Connecticut and Massachusetts are turning to Hydro-Quebec for its excess hydropower.

There's one sticking point: They need a new transmission line to get all that power from Northern Quebec. And citizens in the states that could host new transmission projects -- New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine -- are resisting construction plans.

A lot of attention has focused on controversial transmission projects like Northern Pass. But what about the source of the electrons feeding the line? 

In this week's podcast, we talk with Sam Evans-Brown, a journalist who's been exploring the history of Canadian hydro. It's a decades-long story filled with conflict, controversy, racism, and billions of dollars at stake.

Sam is host of the Outside/In podcast. He and his colleague Hannah McCarthy just published a four-part audio series, called Powerline, about the hydropower working its way down to the Northeastern U.S. We'll talk about the stories they uncovered.

Next, Cape Wind is dead. We’ll have a eulogy.

And finally, we'll discuss that tax bill again. It’s messier than anyone thought possible.

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