It's been a tumultuous year for greentech and renewable energy, as well as a big year for Greentech Media.

Even the makers of The Simpsons allow themselves the luxury of a clip show every so often, so we're going to indulge ourselves in this first week of the year.  

Here are some of the listicles and trend pieces we compiled in 2012. Enjoy, and Happy New Year from GTM.



Top Ten Solar Projects Under Construction in the U.S.: A three-gigawatt pipeline

Concentrated Solar Power Review 2012: A year of building out

Ten Ideas for Thinner Solar PV Cells: Looking to lose some microns in 2013?

The Ten Biggest PV Solar Plants Operating in the U.S.: a dynamic list   

Deconstructing Solar Industry Myths: Mehta the iconoclast

Life After the Solar ITC: Parts one, two, and three


Smart Grid

Smart Grid Year in Review: The smart grid is going to have to grow up.

2013 Smart Grid Wish List: For the smart grid family Christmas

Six Things Utilities Need to Get Right in 2013: Educating the consumer leads the list

Home Energy Management: 2012 Status Report

2012 Top Trends in Demand Response: Demand response is growing to include new technologies and business models. 

The Networked Grid 100: The movers and shakers of the smart grid


Venture Capital

Largest Greentech Venture Capital Deals of the Year: Fisker and GreatPoint close epic funding rounds.

12 Predictions for 2013: From greentech venture capitalist Rob Day

Looking Back on 2012 Cleantech Investing Predictions: Now with Mendoza Line-accuracy


Energy Generation and Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Management: 2012 status report

Wind’s Top Ten Stories for 2012: The best and worst of times

Geothermal's Big 12 Events of 2012: 128 megawatts of geothermal came on-line in the U.S. this year

Top Ten LED Lighting Developments of 2012: On the eve of the phase-out of the incandescent


Greentech Media

Top Ten Greentech Media Articles of 2012: What readers read in 2012

Editor's Picks 2012: What our editors liked at GTM

Most Commented Articles 2012: Politics, Tesla, and CPV get people talking


Old Favorites

20 PowerPoint Slides That Shook the Earth

Have you taken the Electricity Grid Test?