It's been a tumultuous year for greentech and renewable energy, as well as a big year for Greentech Media.

Even the makers of The Simpsons allow themselves the luxury of a clip show every so often, so we're going to indulge ourselves in this first week of the year.  

Here are some of the lists and trend pieces we compiled in 2011. Enjoy, and Happy New Year from GTM.


Solar Power Year in Review: There must be a pony in here somewhere.

Top Solar VC Rounds in 2011: Late-stage solar investment is alive and well; early-stage, not so much.

12 Reasons Why High Efficiency Matters in Photovoltaics: A guest post from Suniva.


Smart Grid

Top 5 Smart Grid Trends: Integration is the name of the smart grid game.

Top 5 Grid Disappointments of 2011: What didn't happen in the smart grid sector that should have?    

Home Energy Management Trends in 2011:The market is small but growing -- and it's here to stay.

Demand Response Trends: Demand response comes of age.


And More

12 Predictions for 2012: From greentech venture capitalist Rob Day.

Best Greentech Media Stats of 2011: Lies, damned lies, and statistics   

Top 10 GTM Articles of 2011: The most popular articles on our site last year.

10 Greentech Giants 2011: The big companies that will make a big difference in greentech.

A Brief Review of Solid-State Lighting: When will LEDs vanquish the incandescent bulb?

EV Initiatives of the Year: A year into the EV revolution, what has changed in the electric vehicle sector?

Wind Industry Wish List: The wind industry has behaved nicely this year. Some gifts would be appreciated.

20 PowerPoint Slides That Shook the Earth: An old favorite.

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