Last June, comedian John Oliver devoted a long segment to the struggling coal industry on his HBO show Last Week Tonight

He turned his attention to Robert Murray, the CEO of Murray Energy, one of the most bombastic advocates of coal. And then Murray sued Oliver for defamation.

That defamation lawsuit was thrown out by a judge last week. But the saga tells us a lot about Robert Murray, one of the most influential figures behind the Trump administration's coal policies. In this week's episode, we'll discuss Murray's approach to promoting coal and silencing critics.

Then, a look at some new documents from the Seminar Network, a group created by Charles and David Koch, claiming big wins on killing climate policy. The group is planning to spend up to $400 million on midterm elections. We'll talk about how the Kochs killed America's climate conversation over the last decade.

Finally, Trump is now claiming he saved the solar industry with tariffs. We discuss the truth. 

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