Thirty years ago, a Republican-led Congressional committee held a two-day hearing on climate change. In June 1986, scientists didn’t have the sophisticated measurement tools and supercomputer models that they have today. But they did have a lot of data showing that greenhouse gases were steadily warming the planet -- and that failure to curb those emissions would bring dire consequences.

Three decades later, those predictions are playing out with alarming accuracy. We haven’t yet hit summer, but we’re already smashing more climate and weather records. This week, we'll talk about the barrage of alarming climate news over the last couple of months.

Then, new data shows that renewables are on their way to overtaking fossil fuels in the electric sector. Is the development as positive as it seems?

Finally, we’ll talk transmission. A couple of new projects in the U.S. illustrate how to build new lines effectively to support carbon-free energy.

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