GTM Research, the market research arm of Greentech Media, today announced the availability of The 2010 North American Utility Smart Grid Deployment Survey, a comprehensive analysis of the trends emerging as utilities across the continent roll out smarter grids. The report is available individually or as part of a newly launched smart grid research annual subscription service.

77% of utilities polled rank distribution automation as the top smart-grid application. The three primary deployment concerns are systems integration, data management solutions and electric vehicle integration, each receiving marks over 50% when asked where the biggest technology gaps exist (multiple selections were allowed).

"Many North American utility executives hold smart-grid initiatives as a very high priority," said David J. Leeds, Smart Grid Analyst with GTM Research. "70% of survey respondents regard smart-grid projects as either a strong priority or the highest priority relative to their overall business plans between now and 2015."

The 2010 North American Utility Smart Grid Deployment Survey draws on over 30 detailed smart-grid deployment questions posed to decision makers at more than 50 North American utilities. The report provides critical insights about the near-term issues and longer-term plans for the developing smart grid market. The 58-page report, including more than 35 data graphics, accompanied with written analysis, provides information relating to:

• AMI and smart meter deployment schedules
• Priorities for building out a networked grid
• Utility deployment concerns
• Connecting smart grid networks to consumers
• Primary applications and benefits of smarter grids
• Plans for distribution automation and DMS (Distribution Management Systems)
• The integration of renewables, storage and PHEVs
• Policy and regulation
• North American utilities' familiarity with smart grid product/service vendors

"The year 2010 is pivotal for the evolution of smarter grids, as it marks the time when the market will begin its transition from hype to reality," said Rick Thompson, President and Co-Founder of Greentech Media. "The future success and ultimate size of the opportunity in terms of market growth will be largely dependent on the events that unfold within the next 12-24 months."

In parallel to the release of The 2010 North American Utility Smart Grid Deployment Survey, GTM Research is also launching a new smart grid research annual subscription service. The subscription service includes eight smart grid market reports published over a twelve-month period, and dedicated time with GTM Research's smart-grid analysis staff. All smart grid research reports published by GTM Research will be available to purchase as individual titles or as part of the annual subscription service.