It's like a bobsled on wheels.

That's the feeling of driving the Tango from Commuter Cars, the latest electric car startup. The company produces an all-electric car (and very expensive) that's about the size of a large motorcycle. (See photos). In fact, the car is five inches thinner than some touring motorcycles. The passenger sits directly behind the driver, sort of like team mates on a bobsled. The back seat can also be removed so you can haul stuff around. If you take out the back seat, you can fit two suitcases and a briefcase in the back.

Despite the diminutive size, it's pretty fast. The car can go from zero to sixty in about four seconds, or as fast as a Tesla Roadster. CEO Rick Woodbury has raced several times against Dodge Vipers and won every time, he says. The secret of the speed is that the car is that it has two electric engines, not just one.

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