Among the many top-notch speakers we've booked for our Utility-Scale Solar conference at Intersolar North America July 13 in San Francisco, none make us as happy as Steve Malnight, who'll be providing the opening keynote. Steve is PG&E's Vice President of Renewable Energy, and is at the forefront of their renewable energy initiatives, including utility development and ownership opportunities for renewables. Along with Steve, we have speakers from Southern California Edison, SunEdison, SunPower, AREVA Solar, Spire, Virgin's newly minted Virgin Green Fund, Recurrent Energy, Solar Power Partners, CH2MHill, NRG Solar, Axio Power and Agile Energy.  We'll also host an all-star panel around the topic of utility-scale PV inverter solutions, and a panel with representatives from PV, CPV and CSP talking through the ups and downs of building utility-scale solar power plant technologies.

This is our third year with Intersolar North America and SemiCon West, so expect to see us at our well-oiled finest. Registration procedures are a little byzantine, so follow along here and register for the Intersolar North America conference, then select our conference track "Growth Opportunities in Utility Scale Solar: Projects, Finance and Policy" from the very long list of options. You can find it under: Topics: Photovoltaic Policy and Finance, or as part of the Complete PV Package and the PV Policy and Finance package. Still doesn't make sense? Contact [email protected] with any questions, or contact Intersolar's registration directly at [email protected].

Hope to see you there!