We chose not to lurk in the Solyndra parking lot today, watching FBI accountants mill around as Solyndra spokesperson David Miller provides content-free statements.

We would prefer to report on companies like SolarCity or First Solar that are leading the charge to get solar power on the United States grid at a competitive price, rather than focusing on this distraction.

But we have our own solar scandal and we are obliged to cover it.

As per the Silicon Valley Business Journal, "Federal Bureau of Investigation agents were searching the headquarters of Solyndra" this morning.

It's part of an investigation involving the FBI and the DOE's Office of Inspector General, according to the FBI. There is no information on just what the FBI is looking for.

According to the Huffington Post, "FBI spokesman Peter Lee says agents executed multiple search warrants Thursday at the company's Fremont headquarters as part of an investigation with the Department of Energy."

Solyndra's Dave Miller said that agents are "collecting documents." 

Please comment and let us know what you think they're looking for and what they might find. Is there a smoking gun document with some deliberate and unlawful obfuscation of their DOE obligations? Some admission by the CEO that it was all a grand scheme to bilk the U.S. taxpayer? A letter from Obama thanking George Kaiser for his campaign contributions and offering him a loan guarantee in return?

We'll keep you updated if anything actually happens.