Venus. The goddess of love. And wastewater treatment.

Biokube, a Danish company, is going to bring the BioKube Venus to California. The Venus is an efficient septic system that cleans your household wastewater and sewage to such a degree that the water – after treatment – can be used on the lawn. Denmark is a center for water technologies.

"The average American home sprays around 15,000 gallons of water a year on their lawns," said Patrick O'Regan, head of the U.S. Business Development Center for BioKube. "This will more than take care of that."

The Venus effectively works by cleaning the water to a much higher degree than ordinary septic systems. In ordinary systems, solids are settled out via gravity. The remaining water then enters a tank with bacteria to clean it. After that, it gets released into a leaching field, where bacteria in the soil cleans it further. In the Venus, the water passes through several bioblocks, or membranes housing bacteria. Further purification in soil isn't needed at that point, he said.

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