Next month, Greentech Media will host The Soft Grid 2014, a conference centered around data, analytics and the software-defined utility. Hundreds of technology and energy professionals will gather in Menlo Park, California to answer some of the most pressing questions surrounding utilities and technology.

Below are six of those questions that will be answered at The Soft Grid 2014.

What software will help plan the feeder of the future?

We’ve covered how solar breaks traditional planning on the distribution grid and presented some of the solutions utilities are implementing to fix it. Join the conference to hear more about what software utilities should be using.

Who is developing the next wave of analytics and big-data applications for the utility industry?

InformationWeek put together a comprehensive list of vendors in the big-data space. Hear from GTM's director of grid research, Ben Kellison, on which of these companies are at the forefront of utility analytics software.

Why are utilities testing new-concept distributed computing platforms? 

Utilities are using platforms that take data from multiple devices to provide fast automated responses to complex situations in the field. Join the conversation to learn more about what this will mean for the future of grid resiliency. 

When will IT advancements such as stream processing and complex event processing enable real-time analytics?

Gaze into GTM Research's crystal ball and find out about the timelines for major advancements in utility software and analytics.

How are enterprise analytics solutions creating real business value?

Utilities are integrating more data streams than ever before. Find out if all of that data is leading to better decision-making.

How are cloud-based software services changing the way that utilities share and access data?

Join GTM editor Stephen Lacey as he moderates a panel on cloud infrastructure, machine learning and data science with executives from Tempo IQ, Silver Spring Networks, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) and Grid4C (formerly NRG-Pro).

Now in its third year, The Soft Grid: Data, Analytics and Software-Defined Utility provides a two-day forum to understand the software layers of grid modernization and how consumer evolution trends will shape the electric utility industry in the years to come.


See the full agenda and speakers -- and register for the event -- at the Soft Grid 2014 website.