Another day, another noteworthy change in the world of energy management software.

Stephen Mooney, who co-founded ENXSuite (formerly Carbonetworks) with Michael Meehan, has left the company, he wrote on his blog. Carbonetworks was one of the first companies in the field. It came out of Canada, where national and province-level policies, along with debates over the tar sands, created an opportunity for software that tracked energy consumption, carbon output and the carbon generated in earlier, upstream transactions.

The field mushroomed. However, governments began to retreat from carbon regulations, so most of these companies began to reposition their products as energy management services.

"We pioneered a new market that now sees over 109 vendors (perhaps more vendors than total number of deals???)! I worked with some true professionals and had the opportunity to meet the real trailblazers of the sustainability market. Carbonetworks has become ENXSuite and is now lead by a team of Valley professionals who I hope will shepherd the company through the next stage in its lifecycle. I wish them all the best," Mooney wrote.

ENXSuite has been trying to catch up to Hara, which has lined up a number of high-level customers but has experienced some recent turbulence itself. Yesterday, we wrote how Hara has lost two high-level executives to SAP and one to ENXSuite.

As a result, the person that's been involved the longest with carbon software that has not switched employers is me.