Soon, you will be able to use your remote control to adjust the mood in your living room.

Sharp recently announced six Elm brand LED light fixtures for homes, and three of the new lights have a function that allows consumers to change the color tone -- from a cold bluish light to a warmer yellow -- simply by pushing a button on a remote. In the morning, bluish light can make it easier to get out of bed, according to Sharp.

Color changing can also be automated to save energy. LEDs, being chips, are somewhat easier to attach to a network than conventional bulbs. The products are meant to replace existing, somewhat high intensity ceiling lights, and sport wattages ranging from 46 watts and 2,350 lumens to 86 watts and 5,100 lumens. (A 60-watt incandescent emits around 800 watts.)

Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba, among other large Japanese vendors, are gearing up plans to sell light bulbs, appliances and other products for the eco-friendly home. Some of these products will be sold only in Japan, while others will be sold worldwide. Last year at CEATEC, Japan's equivalent of CES, the "green home" was a big theme for both Panasonic and Sharp.

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Michael Kanellos contributed to this story.