On June 23, 2011 GTM Research Senior Solar Analyst Shyam Mehta joins a panel organized by Clean Energy Connections to discuss how New York City can make its mark on the solar industry.

Joining Mehta will be David Bragdon, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability; David Buckner, the President of Solar Energy Systems and John Moran of Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ted Sullivan of Lux Research will moderate the panel.

The group will explore new opportunities for public-private partnerships, project development and economic development in solar. In a previous perspective piece, Mehta outlined his view that PV installation should be the primary producer of U.S. jobs from the solar industry, not panel manufacturing. As national and state-wide legislature trends like solar leasing and SRECs change the landscape for solar energy in New York, will this viewpoint hold?

New York is primed for solar discussions this summer as The Solar Industry Development and Jobs Act of 2011 is sitting in Albany's lap, and the New York City Solar America City Partnership just released this interactive map of existing installations and available rooftop space.

Watch the recorded video of the panel below. Tweet about it with hashtag #cleanNRGx.