Last week, a group of highly respected Republicans released a plan for a $40-per-ton carbon tax on point-of-source emissions from coal, oil and gas. Why now?

With a Republican White House and Congress, they argued, now is the perfect time to show America that conservatives have better ideas than the command-and-control Democrats who are only interested in imposing more regulations as a solution to climate change.

A steadily-rising carbon tax is the most economically efficient way of dealing with carbon pollution. But it certainly doesn’t play well in American politics. And now that Republicans have control of Congress and the White House, they have little incentive to trade a carbon tax for an end to regulations. Still, some are hopeful that grassroots supporters, prominent Republicans and even officials like Rex Tillerson can help shape President Trump's mind on a carbon price.

On this week's show, we'll look at what it would take to move carbon pricing forward. 

Then, there’s a growing movement to get scientists running for office. Should clean energy professionals also consider public office?

Finally, we'll remember Art Rosenfeld, the godfather of energy efficiency.

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