"The 'D' is already out there," according to Tesla CEO Musk.

Musk isn't currently on stage in Southern California according to a phone report -- but USA Today leaked the story early, and has since pulled the article that detailed some new features and performance specs of an extensively tweaked Model S.

Business Insider caught the pulled article, and it turns out the "D" is an all-wheel-drive Model S that can "do 0 to 60 mph in just over 3 seconds."

The car also includes an "exotic suite of driver-aid and safety features."

The pulled USA Today article also included this text:

[T]he electric charge for the all-wheel-drive versions will have a slight increase of about 10 miles from previous models, for a maximum of 275 miles."

Musk called his system “a huge improvement” that he claims is “taking the technology to the next level.” He says that the new system will move the car over a lane when the driver uses the turn signal and that the car reads speed-limit signs and adjusts the car to the speed on the sign. Also, 12 sensors on the car will allow it to “see” 16 feet to enable the safety technology.

The AWD drive cars are being tagged the Model D, with the first models being delivered to buyers in December. Other models will start arriving in February 2015.

Pricing for the vehicle was not disclosed.