Los Angeles -- SunRun, a residential solar financing company, is showing its support for California's “No on Prop 23” campaign at Solar Power International show.  

When show attendees arrive on the show floor on Wednesday evening, they'll see the booths of SunRun and other participating companies draped in black netting with “No on Prop 23 signs,” with exhibitors dressed in black and passing out fact sheets, stickers and ribbons about Prop 23 to educate consumers.  The black theme symbolizes the environmental destruction Prop 23 would cause, and the Proposition’s threat to the growth of California’s clean economy.  SunRun will provide extra black netting, flags and educational materials to encourage more companies to join the cause on the spot. 

The Sierra Club also joined the cause, providing No on Prop 23 fact sheets, on-site support and strategic guidance.  Lynn Jurich, President of SunRun, was recently added to the Sierra Club board of directors. 

For more details on Prop 23, see Arnold Lashes Out at Valero, Prop 23.

“Defeating this proposition requires financial contributions, grassroots efforts, and collaboration across industry sectors such as business and non-profit, and our demonstration at SPI was designed to bring those elements together,” said Jurich.  SunRun donated $100,000 to the Sierra Club California's No on Prop 23 Committee.

SunRun could use some good PR after their recent speed bumps.

Additional information on Prop 23 here.  To help stop Prop 23, anyone can:

Voting takes place in California on Tuesday, November 2, 2010.