Greentech Media will be in Raleigh, NC the week of July 18 for Plug In 2011. The conference will provide attendees with the latest insights from experts on the technological advances, market research and policy initiatives shaping the future of plug-in hybrid and electric transportation.

As Greentech Media just opened registration for our Oct. 20 one-day focused conference on the intersection of smart grid and electric vehicles, The Networked EV 2011, the topics to be discussed at Plug In will lay a solid groundwork for future discussions.

In particular, some topics that we’ll be exploring at the conference include the industry’s thoughts on how smart grid infrastructure development will enable electric vehicles, or alternatively, how interest in electric vehicles will continue to drive smart grid investment. Now that the ARRA funding has been allocated, could the cart drive the horse? Or could the whole industry be driven by fleets?

You can find the full agenda for Plug In here -- and please let us know what your own thoughts are on the future of this industry.