In this month’s issue of PV News, the expert analysts at GTM Research dive into global module shipments. With a continuing boom in Germany, and rapidly developing markets in Ontario, Canada, and the Czech Republic, the feature article is “Module Shipment Trends: Whose Products Go Where?” Selling large volumes of product into a new market is no small task, and a complete breakdown of global market share amongst North American, European and Asian manufacturers highlights who has a competitive advantage in each region.  Almost all of the major producers are included, as well as shipment data and revenue from the past three years.

Beginning this August, spot polysilicon prices have been on the rise, with some reports of sales above $85/kg. With spot prices increasing, PV News explores the overall effect on the market and long term pricing. As module manufacturers strive to drive down the cost of their products and production capacity amongst polysilicon suppliers increases, the long-term cost of polysilicon is a variable that will affect all aspects of the solar industry.

As in every issue, this volume offers a comprehensive digest of industry news and exclusive trackers of utility-scale PV installations and capacity, large-scale project announcements, and North American and European feed-in tariffs.

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