Associated Press: Energy Bill Prospects Dim

Congressional efforts to approve the first major energy bill in nearly a decade are in jeopardy amid a partisan dispute over oil drilling, water for drought-stricken California, and potential rollback of protections for the gray wolf and other wildlife.

A bipartisan bill approved by the Senate in April would boost oil and natural gas production while encouraging renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, and increased energy efficiency.

But the bill's prospects dimmed after the House approved a series of election-year amendments last month that promote Republican priorities, such as increased drilling for oil and gas and overriding protections for the gray wolf and other species under the Endangered Species Act. The House bill also would promote hunting and fishing on federal lands, shift more water to California farmers and cut the flow for threatened fish.

Vox: The Rapid Growth of Electric Cars Worldwide, in 4 Charts

The United States now has 400,000 electric vehicles on the road -- a massive increase since 2010, though well short of Obama's goal of 1 million by 2015. Meanwhile, China has become the world's largest market, overtaking the U.S. in annual sales last year.

Is 1 million a lot? It depends on how you look at it. It's jaw-dropping growth given that there were only a few hundred electric vehicles on the entire planet back in 2005. And the total number of electric vehicles worldwide has tripled just since 2013.

Autoevolution: Tesla Will Share Its Autopilot Data With the U.S. Department of Transportation

About two weeks ago, Tesla held a conference where it talked about the amount of data it has gathered from its Autopilot-enabled cars -- and it's huge. Since last autumn when the Autopilot feature was officially introduced, Tesla has over 100 million miles to study, and the number keeps on growing by around 2.6 million a day.

In a move similar to that when Tesla made all of its electric powertrain-related patents available, the company is now planning to share the Autopilot data with others interested in developing self-driving cars, according to Electrek.

PV Tech: EDF Switches Entire Residential PV Offering to Self-Consumption

French utility EDF is replacing its existing residential solar offering with a self-consumption model.

The company had announced the start of self-consumption products in April but will now make it the only set-up available to residential customers. It had previously been offering a 20-year lease model.

The storage element will be optional. Customers will also be provided with an energy management platform to control and monitor their consumption.

New York Times: Regulators Fear $1 Billion Coal Cleanup Bill

Regulators are wrangling with bankrupt coal companies to set aside enough money to clean up Appalachia’s polluted rivers and mountains so that taxpayers are not stuck with the $1 billion bill.

The regulators worry that coal companies will use the bankruptcy courts to pay off their debts to banks and hedge funds, while leaving behind some of their environmental cleanup obligations.

The industry asserts that its cleanup plans -- which include turning defunct mines back into countryside -- are comprehensive and well funded. But some officials say those plans could prove unrealistic and falter as demand for coal remains weak.