Politics, nuclear power, Tesla's electric vehicle business, and CPV elicited the most vocal responses. Here are the GTM articles from 2012 that attracted the most comments from our readers:

Candidate Romney’s Energy Plan

Romney accused the Obama administration of having an "unhealthy obsession with green jobs." 

Amonix Plant Closure: Death Rattle for CPV Solar Industry?

Amonix closed its Nevada factory and laid off staff. Concentrating photovoltaics (and my handling of the topic) was a hot topic in this comment thread. Rumors are afoot that we'll hear from Amonix in early 2013.


Guest Post: Tesla’s Gift Box—Inefficiency Wrapped in Hype

John Peterson is entitled to his opinion on electric vehicle batteries and EVs. As is our audience -- which voices its opinion about the author. 

Guest Post: EV Myths and Realities, Part 2—Green as the Grid

Nick Butcher rebuts Peterson's claims on the greenness of EVs and engages his readers in this convincing article.

How Broken Is the San Onofre Nuclear Plant?

A highly charged and highly technical discussion by our readers on nuclear's safety and necessity on the grid.


Thanks to our lively and intelligent commenters. We value your contribution to this site. Happy New Year.