Bloomberg: Paris Climate Accord Could Make the World $19 Trillion Richer

Stopping global warming won’t just keep the planet habitable. It would also boost the global economy by $19 trillion.

Investing heavily in renewable power and energy efficiency to keeping warming below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit), in accordance with the landmark Paris Agreement, will increase the global economy around 0.8 percent by 2050, the International Renewable Energy Agency said Monday in a report produced for the German government.

Maritime Executive: World's First Offshore Wind Farm Being Decommissioned

Dong Energy has decided to decommission Vindeby, the world’s first offshore wind farm.

Vindeby Offshore Wind Farm is located close to shore off Vindeby near Lolland in the south east of Denmark. The wind farm, consisting of 11 offshore wind turbines, was connected to the grid in 1991.

Vindeby has covered the annual power consumption of around 2,200 households. In comparison, Dong Energy's future offshore wind farm off the east coast of England, Hornsea Project One, which when ready for commissioning in a few years will be the world's largest offshore wind farm, will be able to supply green energy to approximately 1 million households.

Jalopnik: Tesla Is Killing Off Its Cheapest Model S Options Less Than a Year After Introducing Them

Sorry, fellow penny pinchers: Less than a year after reintroducing a cheaper 60 kWh battery into its Model S lineup, Tesla will kill off that option in order to “simplify the ordering process.” It sounds like Tesla’s doing that because most people just buy the more expensive version or upgrade to it later.

For those who have never really shopped for a Tesla, the 60 kWh Model S with the shortest range starts at $68,000 for rear-wheel drive. That car is called the Model S 60, and the 60 kWh version with all-wheel-drive, the Model S 60D, starts at $73,000. That’s compared to the 75 kWh Model S starting at $74,500 for RWD and $79,500 for AWD, and the AWD 90 kWh car that starts at $89,500.

South China Morning Post: Beijing Shuts Down Its Last Coal-Fired Power Plant

The last coal-fired power plant in Beijing stopped operating on Saturday with the shutdown of its last remaining generators, Xinhua reported.

The historic moment was recorded by cameras as an operator in a blue uniform pressed a red stop button for the fourth steam-turbine array.

With that, Beijing became the first city in China to rely entirely on cleaner energy sources such as natural gas and wind farms for its electricity generation, according to the state news agency.

Guardian: The Struggle to Bring Solar Jobs to West Virginia

If solar energy were Dan Conant’s only passion, the West Virginia native could have stayed in Vermont, working for a fast-growing startup in a state friendly to renewables.

Instead, Conant returned home to Shepherdstown, where he started an installation company, Solar Holler, in 2014. Now, with three employees and a crew under contract, Conant’s new passion comes with an audacious goal: bring solar jobs to communities hit hard by the decline of coal.

“I really feel like we’re in a race against time, that it’s important we diversify quickly so young folks don’t have to move away,” says Conant. “It’s been really frustrating over the years to see all of my friends leave -- pretty much everyone I went to high school with. The state is experiencing a serious brain drain.”