Auto EV Japan Co Ltd. will release the "Scarpina," an electric scooter, in May 2009 in Japan.

The scooter uses extruded hollow aluminum alloy bent with a constant curvature, the same structure used for the company's "Girasole," a four-wheel electric vehicle. The company imports the parts from abroad and assembles them in Japan.

Auto EV Japan prepared two models of the scooter, the two-wheeled "Scarpina Due" and the three-wheeled "Scarpina Tre." The Due comes in two versions, the A-type (rated output: 600 watts), which can be driven with a motorized bicycle license in Japan, and the B-type (rated output: 1 kilowatt), which can be driven with a two-wheeled motor vehicle license or a small-sized special motor vehicle license.

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