Bloomberg: India to Fund $158 Million for 1 Gigawatt of Solar Projects

India said it will give as much as 10 billion rupees ($158 million) to state-run companies for building 1 gigawatt of grid-connected, solar-photovoltaic power projects in the next three years.

Reuters: Saudi Arabia Won't Cut Oil Output

Saudi Arabia said on Sunday it would not cut output to prop up oil markets even if non-OPEC nations did so, in one of the toughest signals yet that the world's top petroleum exporter plans to ride out the market's biggest slump in years.

Referring to countries outside of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Saudi Oil Minister Ali Al-Naimi told reporters: "If they want to cut production, they are welcome. We are not going to cut, certainly Saudi Arabia is not going to cut."

He added he was "100 percent not pleased" with prices but they would improve, although it was unclear when.

Guardian: Ebay Joins Google and Others in Dumping ALEC Over Climate Stance

Ebay announced on Thursday it’s severing ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec) because of the lobbying group’s views on climate change. The online marketplace is the latest technology firm to part ways with the right-wing organization over environmental concerns.

“After our annual review of eBay’s memberships in trade associations and third-party organizations, we’ve decided not to renew our membership with Alec,” an eBay spokesperson said.

In September, Eric Schmidt announced Google would be leaving Alec because “they’re just literally lying” about climate change. This prompted a wave of departures from other tech companies, including Facebook and Yelp, over similar concerns. Microsoft had previously left Alec in July.

Columbus Dispatch: Future of Wind Farms in Ohio Is Cloudy

Wind-energy development in Ohio has entered a lengthy and sometimes agonizing limbo.

State regulators have approved eleven projects that have yet to install a single wind turbine.

Developers say the projects -- which would more than triple the state’s wind-energy output -- are alive, despite state laws passed this year that some of the same companies said would kill investment.

Sydney Morning Herald: South Korea Nuclear Plant Hacked, Says Operator

Computer systems at South Korea's nuclear plant operator have been hacked, the company said on Monday, sharply raising concerns about safeguards around nuclear facilities in a country that remains technically at war with North Korea.

The Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co Ltd and the government said only "non-critical" data was stolen by the hackers, and that there was no risk to nuclear installations, including the country's twenty-three atomic reactors.