Greentech Media Parties

At least 200 greentech aficionados attended Greentech Media's launch party in San Francisco on Thursday, according to company spokesperson Rachael Post. The company delivers news, research and events about environmentally friendly technologies. Full disclosure: This is our own site!

Overheard: Mark Huang to Leave GE

At the Greentech Media launch party Friday, Mark Huang said he is leaving GE at the end of the month. Huang, a senior vice president at GE Energy Financial Services, has spearheaded the cleantech practice there (see this Q&A). The group has invested in battery startup A123Systems, wave-power company Ocean Power Delivery and efficient-motor startup Agile Systems, among others. He didn't specify future plans.

Solar Power Partners Gets $6.2M

Solar Power Partners raised $6.2 million in its first venture-capital round, led by Globespan Capital Partners, according to Private Equity Hub on Friday. Solar Power Partners finances, develops, owns and manages solar-power projects, paying the upfront cost of the projects in exchange for an agreement from customers to buy the resulting power. Companies such as SunEdison and MMA Renewable Ventures also have similar business models.

Zap Entering Bus and Truck Markets

Electric-vehicle company Zap and Youngman Automotive Group said Friday they have formed a joint venture to make electric and hybrid passenger cars, trucks and buses - including a Zap-X SUV. Youngman supplies luxury "motor coaches" and commercial trucks for the Neoplan brand, which controls more than 70 percent of China's luxury-bus market. "This is the most significant relationship that Zap has ever entered into," said Zap CEO Steve Schneider in a press statement.