The final month of 2015 was one of the best in history for climate action.

The world's carbon emissions dipped for the first time during a period of economic growth. The Paris climate talks ended with a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gases. And America extended key tax credits for renewables that will ensure strong growth in the years ahead. 

Some are cheering. But others are not so sure we should be optimistic.

Brad Plumer, a senior editor at Vox, shares the cautious view on these developments. In this week's show, we'll talk with Plumer about the hard work that comes after Paris if world leaders are serious about decarbonizing the global economy.

Later in the show, we'll talk with GTM Senior Reporter Julia Pyper about how electric cars and autonomous vehicles are dominating the Consumer Electronics Show this year. We'll wrap up with a discussion about Nevada's controversial decision to slash net metering for all solar customers in the state.

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