GTM Research uncovered some fascinating tidbits in an otherwise mundane 14A proxy statement from Tesla -- including just how much energy storage Tesla expects to sell to SolarCity this year.

In a new, free research note, published today, GTM Research estimates that Tesla will sell 168.5 megawatt-hours of energy storage systems to SolarCity this year. That's more than six times what Tesla sold to SolarCity in 2015, according to the same note.

Excluding the 52 megawatt-hour solar-plus-storage project in KIUC territory in Hawaii, Tesla's expected 116.5 megawatt-hours will be 60 percent larger than the entire 2015 U.S. behind-the-meter market.

FIGURE: U.S. Behind-the-Meter Storage Deployments and Tesla's Expected 2016 Sales to SolarCity

GTM Research notes that these are estimates based on projected revenue. However, Senior Energy Storage Analyst Ravi Manghani goes on to say that these numbers "indicate a behind-the-meter energy storage market poised for major growth in the U.S."

The free research note with all of the data and analysis can be downloaded here.