Welcome to week three of GTM's Energy News Quiz. I'm your host, Pat Sajak Mike Munsell.

Take the quiz below. If any questions leave you puzzled, we've provided explainer links at the bottom.

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1. According to the U.S. Solar Market Insight report, how much PV did the U.S. install in Q2 2015?

2. Luminant has signed a PPA to buy 116 megawatts of solar from SunEdison in this U.S. state.

3. According to a recent report, how many jobs have been cut across the global oil industry?

4. Which firm just acquired NEXTracker for $330 million?

5. Who did the IRS just rule eligible for the federal Income Tax Credit?

6. Which company "won" Brazil's latest solar auction, securing contracts for a total of 410 megawatts ?

7. Primus Power raised $25 million to bring flow batteries to this country.

8. Wind energy development has come to a halt in Wyoming. When was wind capacity last added in Wyoming?


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