If the kids are getting ready to head back to school, isn't it also your responsibility to start doing some homework?

Chances are good that you've missed a lot of our top articles of the summer. But there have been plenty of reasons to pay attention to cleantech over the past three months: a new federal climate plan, falling costs and rising distribution of solar, fierce net metering battles, and new milestones in energy efficiency, to name a few. Below is a compilation of our top ten articles from this summer.

If slideshows aren't your thing, here's a straightforward list:

  1. Electricity Grid Quiz: Test Your Electron Wits
  2. Chart: 2/3rds of Global Solar PV Has Been Installed in the Last 2.5 Years
  3. Nest Told to Modify Thermostat Claims
  4. Solar PV Module Costs to Fall to 36 Cents per Watt by 2017
  5. Utility Solar Is Dead; Long Live Distributed Generation
  6. This May Be the Most Innovative Energy Efficiency Financing Tool Yet
  7. The Coming US Distributed Solar Boom
  8. Three Reasons Why Chinese Solar Inverters Are Half the Cost of American Inverters
  9. Palo Alto Goes Solar, 80 Megawatts at 6.9 Cents per Kilowatt-Hour
  10. The 5 Most Interesting Pieces of Obama's Climate Plan