GTM Research published more than 30 in-depth research reports in 2013, ranging in length from 21 to 426 pages of content and analysis. Here are the top five most-read reports of this year.

1.)  U.S. Residential Solar PV Financing: The Vendor, Installer, and Financier Landscape, 2013-2016

The residential solar financing landscape has been the subject of more attention than any other part of the U.S. solar industry over the past three years. Given that, this report easily took the No. 1 spot for the year. With the successful IPO of SolarCity and an increasing number of residential PPA/lease providers, the market was due for an overarching analysis. Our short but dense report places residential solar financing in the context of the overall market and distinguishes among the key lease providers, installers and investors. 

2.) The Global PV Inverter Landscape 2013: Technologies, Markets, and Survivors

As incentive markets fade and competition increases in new regions, developers and installers have placed far more pressure on PV inverter manufacturers. While the inverter industry will see annual megawatts shipped increase by 10 percent in 2013, actual market value will decrease by 10 percent over 2012. Simultaneously, inverters, which act as the brains of PV systems, are being called on to increase system performance, communication functionality and grid interactivity as solar expands its footprint globally. The Global PV Inverter Landscape walks through the value proposition of new architectures, including microinverters and DC optimizers, and through the requirements for new functionality, while detailing the companies best positioned to weather the rapidly changing PV market. This 225-page report is a favorite among PV inverter manufacturers. 

3.) U.S. Residential Solar PV Customer Acquisition: Strategies, Costs and Vendors

Analyst Nicole Litvak’s inaugural report was a hit before it was even launched, with installers and service providers clamoring to get their hands on it. The focus of this 45-page report is the increasingly complex ecosystem of vendors active in the customer acquisition space, as well as the strategies preferred by the leaders of the U.S. residential solar market.

4.) Global PV Monitoring: Technologies, Markets and Leading Players, 2013-2017

GTM Research and SoliChamba Consulting partnered to release the 2013 edition of the solar industry’s only comprehensive analysis on global PV monitoring markets, technologies and vendors. This 425-page report includes technology and economic analysis, insight into the market’s competitive landscape with market size and market share comparisons, demand projections to 2017 by market segment and by country, and more than 60 company profiles.

5.) PV Technology and Cost Outlook, 2013-2017

This 112-page report on the latest in c-Si PV wafer, cell, module, and materials technology aims to provide a competitive outlook on the leading technology and cost trends through 2017 across the global PV supply chain. The report explores existing and innovative technology advancements in ingot growth, wafer slicing, cell processing, and module assembly, as well as their impacts on efficiencies and manufacturing costs. All purchasers of this report receive GTM Research's proprietary PV module manufacturing cost model (best-in-class China-based producers) for mono and multi c-Si technology from 2011 through 2017 in Microsoft Excel format.

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