As smart grid technology adoption grows rapidly, vibrant ecosystems of vendors are competing for a share of the billions that will be spent by utilities globally by 2030. To sort through this vendor ecosystem, GTM Research is publishing The Networked Grid 150: The End-to-End Smart Grid Vendor Ecosystem Report and Rankings 2013, a 279-page report that profiles and ranks the top 150 smart grid vendors across twelve key smart grid market segments.

FIGURE: The Networked Grid 150 Vendor Overview

Source: The Networked Grid 150

Combined with in-depth and strategic company profiles for over 150 smart grid vendors, the report ranks the top vendors within each of the following market segments: Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Building Area Networks, Consulting & Integration, Demand Response, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Energy Storage, Field Area Networks, Home Area Networks, Networking & Management, Soft Grid, Security, Transmission & Distribution, and Wide Area Network Communications.

“We publish The Networked Grid 150 report annually to provide an objective view of vendor positioning, competition, and technology maturity for smart grid players,” said David Groarke, Senior Analyst at GTM Research. “Our vendor clients use this report to benchmark their positioning within their respective market segment and better understand the trends and interplay between technologies. The same goes for our utility clients, who also see The Networked Grid 150 as a guide to the vendors with which they ought to be working.”

On a higher level, the report identifies its Top 10 Vendors in Smart Grid, which includes companies with proven market success, multiple deployments and clear business cases. While there were over 40 finalists in contention for a Top 10 spot, analysts at GTM Research agreed that the list below represents the best smart grid vendors across the smart grid value chain at present. This list includes companies that offer each of the vital components of a smart grid.

FIGURE: Top 10 Vendors in Smart Grid 2013

Source: The Networked Grid 150

In addition to the Top 10 Vendors, The Networked Grid 150 announces GTM Research’s Top 10 Vendors to Watch. There is an ever-increasing set of vendors that operate in smart grid markets that are characterized by rapid innovation and sophistication of solution provision, and many of the vendors on our Top 10 to Watch list fit this bill. More established vendors that are well positioned to make a leading impression on the marketplace over the next twelve months are included in this list as well.

FIGURE: Top 10 Vendors to Watch In Smart Grid 2013

Source: The Networked Grid 150

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At The Networked Grid 2013, GTM Research analyst David Groarke presented the report: