I moderated a Greentech Panel in Santa Clara, CA on Friday the 29th that was hosted and organized by the FountainBlue organization. 

We were taking a quick look at the state of the greentech industry.

The panelists:

  • Dan Adler, President, California Clean Energy Fund 
  • Matt Maloney, Head of Relationship Management, Silicon Valley Bank  
  • Tim Woodward, Managing Director, Nth Power 
  • Laurie Yoler, Managing Director, GrowthPoint Technology Partners 
  • Elise Zoli, Partner and Chair, Energy Practice, Goodwin Procter  

Here are some random notes from these smart panelists:

Overcooked sectors in cleantech

  • Microinverters (Woodward)
  • Carbon accounting, maybe not over-invested, just premature  (Adler)

Overlooked sectors in cleantech

Energy policies that could be improved

  • Improved transmission technology and policy  (Yoler)
  • Pricing incentives -- removing current subsidies on imported oil and an effective cap and trade program (Yoler)
  • Better administration of loan guarantee -- DOE must get out of its own way (Maloney)
  • Better deployment mechanisms -- large-scale infrastructure for renewables (Adler)
  • Better deployment mechanisms at the consumer level -- access to alternative fuels (Adler)
  • Better methods of getting technology out of the labs (Zoli)

Highlights of the companies the panelists are associated with

  • CSP player Brightsource Energy teaming with Bechtel (Adler)  
  • Rooftop CPV start-up Soliant gaining a new CEO from Evergreen Solar (Woodward)  
  • Silicon ink vendor Innovalight making the (smart) strategic change in business plan to be a materials supplier and not a module manufacturer (Maloney)