Greentech Media editors and GTM Research analysts are working with GE on their ecomagination website by posing important questions about renewable energy, smart grids and other important industry topics. Each week GTM will be posing a new question and getting involved with the conversation that follows. The first question, posed by GTM Research smart grid analyst, David Leeds, is, "Why Don't Consumers Get The Smart Grid?".

From the article:

"To utilities, a smarter grid will lay the foundation for technologies that seemed outlandishly futuristic a few years ago: electric cars, cities that can insulate themselves from rolling blackouts, homes automatically tuning themselves to the weather and alternative energy that can compete economically with coal.

But to consumers, the smart grid so far is an extra charge on their bill they don’t particularly like."

Read the rest of David's article and join the discussion on Ecomagination's website here.