Hycrete, which produces a chemical to make concrete waterproof, has appointed Richard Guinn as CEO.

Former CEO (and grandson of the inventor) David Rosenberg will become executive chairman. We heard a change was afoot as part of a plan to scale up the company and Hycrete confirmed it.

The New Jersey-based company produces an chemical that, when mixed into concrete, makes it waterproof. In the past several years, start-ups selling green building materials have sprouted like crazy. What makes Hycrete different? It actually has customers. The company's waterproofing chemicals have been mixed into concrete foundations for, among other buildings, the new labs at the University of Washington Medical School. Hycrete is green in that contractors don't need to wrap their foundations in plastic anymore. The chemical admixture also makes it easier to recycle concrete (a construction technique being used in Abu Dhabi's Masdar City). The chemical additionally costs less than the plastic.

Guinn comes from the company from Centria, which makes architectural panels. He is also on the advisory board of Cradle to Cradle, which certifies sustainable building materials.