After a multi-year decline, global carbon emissions are on the upswing.

The International Energy Agency now says that emissions grew in 2017 — caused by an increase in demand for oil, natural gas and coal. Nearly three-quarters of new energy demand across the globe was served by fossil fuels.

At the same time, America saw another yearly drop in carbon emissions, which the IEA says was assisted by renewables. But with more and more carbon-free nuclear plants slated for closure across the U.S., many worry that trend will come to an end.

On this week's Energy Gang, we'll look at trends in global energy demand. We'll also look to the situation in the U.S., where concerns about losing nuclear are growing.

Then, we'll talk about FirstEnergy Solutions' bankruptcy. And we'll end with a look at Scott Pruitt's attempt to roll back Obama-era fuel efficiency standards.

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